LabElite Handheld DeCapper

Semi-Automated Screw Cap Decapping

The new LabElite Handheld DeCapper is designed to provide fast and repeatable capping and decapping. It offers 6- or 8-channel decapping/capping of tubes in 48- and 96-format tube racks and is compatible with internal or external threads. This semi-automated screw cap decapper allows for superior flexibility in the format and brand of your labware. It comes equipped with the interchangeable adapter technology used in Hamilton Storage’s line of benchtop decappers.

The Handheld DeCapper has an ergonomic grip and intuitive Decap, Cap, and Eject buttons for a user-friendly experience. Ensure the integrity of your samples by using the semi-automated decapper to apply optimal torque for screw cap glass tubes. The decapper’s five preset torque levels accommodate a variety of labware brands to prevent damaged or misthreaded caps that can result in sample loss.

The docking station charges the device when not in use. It can also be used as a convenient, protective, and temporary holding station for caps attached to the Handheld DeCapper. Additionally, the device features a removable drip tray for quick and convenient cleaning.


LabElite Handheld DeCapper in Action - 8-channel

Handheld DeCapper Features

  • 6- and 8-channel decapping and capping of 48- and 96-format labware
  • Incorporates Hamilton’s interchangeable adapter technology used in its benchtop devices
  • Flexibility in supporting industry recognized labware manufacturers
  • Adjustable torque features to securely seal labware
  • Ergonomic grip and design for comfortable use
  • Intuitive Cap, Decap, and Eject buttons
  • Charging and docking station for fast-paced workflows
  • Drip tray for cleaning convenience
  • CE approved device
LabElite Handheld DeCapper In Action with Gloved Hand - 8-channel

Why Use a Semi-Automated Decapper?

Transitioning your lab to a fully automated workflow can be a lengthy process. A semi-automated device can be your solution in the meantime, and it can always be used for tedious future projects that don’t require a full benchtop device.

Using a manual decapper to decap and cap screw cap tubes is cumbersome and may eventually lead to employee burnout and/or injury. Semi-automated decappers are perfect for smaller labs where benchtop space is at a premium. They are also a cost-effective option that allow for quick capping and decapping of screw cap tubes, effectively streamlining your workflow.

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