LabElite Integrated I.D. Capper

The LabElite Integrated I.D. Capper offers the same features as its standalone counterpart while seamlessly integrating with Hamilton’s Microlab STAR, Microlab VANTAGE, or third-party robotic system. The extended linear rail, tube racks, and cap holder racks allow for easy automation and tube processing for your automated workflows.



Automated Screw Cap Decapping for Integration

The Integrated I.D. Capper features all of the utility of the standalone version and allows users to seamlessly integrate these features with their Hamilton Microlab STAR. With the addition of an extended linear rail, tube racks and cap holder racks can be presented directly onto the deck of the STAR allowing for easy automation of tube processing workflows. Easily swap decapping heads to decap tubes in 24-, 48-, and 96-format tube racks, all on a single device.

LabElite Integrated I.D. Capper benchtop device

Features of the Integrated I.D. Capper

  • Decap in 24-, 48-, and 96-format tube racks with internal and external threads from all common labware suppliers
  • Multiple integration configuration options allow users to directly pipette into decapped tube racks in track positions 1 through 6, or conserve deck space and integrate left of track 1
  • Eliminates risk of cross contamination by not moving over opened tubes
  • Automated 2D barcode and 1D side barcode reading
  • Using optimized libraries, users can easily incorporate the device into existing VENUS software methods on the Microlab STAR and utilize all of its features to streamline workflows
  • Simple touchscreen interface for walk-up access in between long automated runs

Specifications for the LabElite Integrated I.D. Capper

Dimensions (L x W x H) Configuration left of STAR Deck:
904 mm x 380 mm x 540 mm
(35.6 in x 15.0 in x 21.3 in)
Configuration on STAR Deck:
770 mm x 380 mm x 540 mm
(30.3 in x 15.0 in x 21.3 in)
Supported Labware Microtubes: 0.25 mL–1.4 mL

Hamilton, FluidX, Greiner, LVL, Matrix, Micronic, Nunc, and Nalgene*

Cryovials: 1 mL–10 mL**

FluidX, Greiner, LVL, Micronic, Nunc, Nalgene, and Oragene.DNA (600 Series)

Supported 1D Barcodes 2/5 Industrial / Interleaved, Code 39, Code 128, Pharmacode, Codabar, EAN 13
Supported 2D Barcodes Datamatrix ECC 200, PDF417, QR Code
Camera 10 megapixel CMOS
Recommended PC Windows 7 64-bit (required), 2.8 GHz Core 2.0 Duo, 3GB RAM, 250GB HD, 16x DVD+/-RW
Communication One USB 2.0 port for the camera connection

*Others available upon request.

**Contact Hamilton for specific tube compatibility.

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2. Chuẩn bị mẫu tự động (AUTOMATED LIQUID HANDLING);

3. Xét nghiệm và chẩn đoán bệnh nhiễm (DIAGNOSIS OF INFECTIOUS DISEASE);

4. Sinh chiết lỏng (LIQUID BIOPSY)

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6. Nghiên cứu ung thư (CANCER RESEARCH)

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