LabElite DeCapper SL

The LabElite DeCapper SL is a compact, state-of-the-art tool offering automated tube capping with a 6-channel head for multi-format racks. It’s designed for modern labs, blending versatility and precision while optimizing workflow in space-limited settings.



Automated Screw Cap Decapper

The Hamilton DeCapper SL is the latest easy-to-use device that provides automated decapping/capping of tubes with internal or external threads. Easily swap decapping heads to decap tubes in 24-, 48-, and 96-format tube racks, all on a single device. The device easily fits in where bench space is limited due to its 20% decrease in size from the DeCapper. The device can be operated as a standalone unit, or integrated to Hamilton Robotics liquid handlers, or third-party robotic arms.

labelite decapper

Features of the DeCapper SL

  • Can be operated as a standalone device, or integrated with a liquid handling system or third-party robotic arm
  • Can be conveniently placed beside liquid handling devices, allowing on-deck grippers to move labware. This frees up more space to integrate other peripheral devices.
  • Easily swap decapping heads to decap tubes in 24-, 48-, and 96-format tube racks on a single device
  • Decap only tubes needed—all rows, selected rows or columns, or partial racks
  • Process tubes in landscape format
  • Built-in Secure Mode ensures an optimal seal during capping to eliminate cross threading
  • To reduce tube exposure time, you can use the “Optional Row Loop Mode.” This mode processes one row at a time by holding caps after opening and quickly recapping.

tube decapper

Benefits of the 6-Channel Head

In our commitment to advancing laboratory efficiency, we proudly present the standalone decapper’s latest feature: the 6-Channel Head. This innovative addition not only facilitates the use of 24-format tubes, but also seamlessly integrates with 48- and 96-format tubes. It is adept at decapping a diverse range of internally and externally threaded tubes and vials. This enhancement empowers laboratories, allowing them to select tube volumes and types best suited to their distinct requirements.

labelite tube decapper

What is a decapper?

A decapper is a tool used in laboratories to easily remove the caps from tubes and vials. Many laboratories opt for an automated decapper to increase efficiency and reduce injuries caused by decapping manually. Hamilton’s automated DeCapper SL easily fits where bench space is limited thanks to a 20 percent smaller footprint than our standard LabElite DeCapper. The DeCapper SL allows for individual tube selection to help minimize contamination from decapping unnecessary tubes.

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