The SAM HD lab freezer is your solution for high-density storage with a small footprint. This small lab freezer is capable of ultra low temperatures down to minus 80°C to ensure sample integrity. The SAM HD sample freezer makes automated storage quick and easy.



Automated High-Density Sample Storage Freezer

SAM HD is an automated sample management system for secure, frost-free storage of tubes and plates. This small lab freezer contains high-density storage capabilities with a minimal footprint. The SAM HD ultra-low temperature sample freezer is designed to maintain sample integrity while providing easy sample access and tracking.

SAM HD Lab Freezer

High-Density Lab Freezer Storage in a Small Footprint

This compact, minus 80°C localized lab freezer storage system easily fits into existing laboratory spaces. Each SAM HD system allows for samples to be stored at six different shelf heights, providing flexibility for your lab workflow.

Users can increase storage capacity to store more samples in the same footprint using RackWare high-density storage racks. Our RackWare high-density racks increase the number of tubes that can be placed in a SBS-format rack. RackWare HDR-060 supports popular 48-format labware and increases storage capacity in a comparable SBS-format rack from 48 to 60 tubes. RackWare HDR-138 supports most major 96-format labware and increases storage capacity in a comparable SBS-format rack from 96 to 138 tubes.

Features and Benefits of the SAM HD Lab Freezer

Store and Pick Multiple Labware Types in One System

Multiple tube and/or plate types can be stored together in the lab freezer to accommodate varying sample collection workflows. This allows for maintaining secure sample documentation and tracking throughout the entire process. Different labware types can also be picked without the hassle of tooling changes, and without compromising the integrity of unpicked samples.

Maintains Sample Integrity

To maintain sample integrity, the system eliminates heat and moisture from entering the system and causing freeze-thaw cycles. The active automation is separated from the sample storage compartment to eliminate heat from affecting the samples. Unlike manual freezers, this sample freezer door remains closed to prevent moisture and temperature fluctuations.

The environment is continuously monitored, even during picking, ensuring the samples never reach critical sample temperatures. Tubes and plates within the lab freezer are picked in a minus 20°C environment. A standard UPS and LN2 backup is provided to help mitigate typical disaster scenarios and ensure samples are kept cold and safe.

Quick and Secure Sample Access

  • Retrieves samples in less than 70 seconds
  • Tracks all samples—Reads 1D and 2D barcodes on the sides of tubes, and 2D barcodes on the bottom of tubes, as well as 1D barcodes on racks
  • Samples are stored securely in the lab freezer system—User access rights control who can retrieve samples

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1. Giải trình tự tế bào đơn (SINGLE-CELL SEQUENCING);

2. Chuẩn bị mẫu tự động (AUTOMATED LIQUID HANDLING);

3. Xét nghiệm và chẩn đoán bệnh nhiễm (DIAGNOSIS OF INFECTIOUS DISEASE);

4. Sinh chiết lỏng (LIQUID BIOPSY)

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6. Nghiên cứu ung thư (CANCER RESEARCH)

7. Nghiên cứu miễn dịch (IMMUNOLOGY)

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9. Trữ mẫu sinh học (Ngân hàng sinh học, BIOBANKING)



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