Hamilton Plate Sealer

The Microplate Sealer Is a Flexible, Affordable Sealing Solution

The Hamilton Plate Sealer seals ANSI/SLAS format microplates with optically clear or pierceable foil adhesive seals for critical stop points in applications such as thermal cycling, incubation or low temperature storage. Integrated in an automated workflow with a Hamilton liquid handling platform, the Plate Sealer maximizes walkaway time. Additionally, the Plate Sealer functions as a standalone small device, with an intuitive touchscreen interface for streamlined operation.

Please note that the Hamilton Plate sealer currently is not available outside of the United States.



Features and Benefits

Seamless Integration

Its compact design occupies as little as one ANSI/SLAS footprint site on the Hamilton liquid handling platform deck while providing full access for direct pipetting and plate transfer, no matter what integration site is used.

Broad Compatibility

The Plate Sealer adapter kit enables sealing of ANSI/SLAS footprint microplates 8-45 mm high, such as deep well plates, microplates, and PCR plates.

Intuitive Design

The reloadable seal magazine, magnet-guided waste tray, and simple touchscreen interface are designed for ease of operation so that users may complete their workflows efficiently and without delay.

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