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Flexible Solutions for Sample Storage

Hamilton Storage offers comprehensive ultra-low temperature automated sample management systems for biological and compound samples. Our sample storage solutions, benchtop devices, and consumables are designed for sample integrity, flexibility, and reliability for life science applications. Ensure the quality of your storage samples during short- or long-term storage.

Benchtop devicesLabElite I.D.Reader
LabElite Handheld DeCapper
Labelite DeCapper
LabElite I.D.Capper
LabElite Intergrated I.D.Capper
LabElite DeCapper SL
Verso Q10 Hotel
Sample Storage PlatformVerso Q-SeriesVerso Q20
Verso Q50
Verso Q75
INSTINCT S Automation SoftwareINSTINCT S software
Labware and Sample Storage RacksSample Storage Tubes
High-Density Racks
Standard-Density Racks

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Check list Hamilton Storage

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